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A Trang

H o l d m e w i t h t h o s e h a n d s W i t h l o v e

20 June
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Akanishi Jin;;
♥ Hello everybody. I'm Monk, but you can call me by any name that you think conformable to me :D

♥ This's where I share all my thought, feeling.

♥ Sometimes, I also share graphics made by myself. I like Photoshop :D I hope that my graphics will be became better and better. You'll love it, won't you ??? :D

♥ If you see my entries, you'll notice lot of graphic of KAT TUN. Don't surprise. I love KAT TUN <3 <3 <3 If you have the same interesting as me, we're become friends, ok??? :D

Welcome to my life.